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Whitmore icon   

   Robert Whitmore


Bricker icon   

   Julie Bricker


Bolz icon   

   Bill Bolz


Aitken icon   

   Bill Aitken


Shaw icon

  Wayne Shaw


Kirkpatrick icon

  Kathleen Kirkpatrick

                  ~Watercolor/Various Mediums

Petticrew icon   

  Dixie Petticrew


Sikorski icon   

  Linda Sikorski


Mason icon   

  Laura Mason


Fiscus icon   

  JoAnne Perigo Fiscus

                  ~Watercolor/Pastels/Pen & Ink

Lovell icon   

  Eloise Lovell


Bonness icon   

  Deborah Bonness


Garrison icon   

   Neil Garrison

                  ~Tape Drawings/Acrylic/Pen & Ink/Screen Prints

Elmore icon

  Michael Robert Elmore

                  ~Oil/Egg Tempera/Encaustic media

Fraza icon   

  Adrianus Fraza


Harrold icon   

  Steve Harrold


Clark icon   

  Catherine Clark


Holloman icon   

  T. Edward Holloman


Smith icon   

  Judith Lynn Smith


Fisher icon   

  Kit Fisher


Stewart icon   

  Marsha Stewart


Lubbehusen icon

  Jane Lubbehusen

                  ~Pastels/Various Mediums

Ling icon   

  Phyllis Ling


Matlock icon

  Kathy M. Matlock


LeVan icon   

  Karen LeVan


Acton icon   

  Edith Acton

                  ~Fused Glass Sculpture

Hemminghouse icon   

  John Hemminghouse

                  ~Wood Sculpture

Tom Makosky icon   

  Tom Makosky

                  ~Chip Carving/Design

DeFrance icon   

  Bob DeFrance

                  ~Wood Carving

Anderson icon   

  Debbie Anderson

                  ~Wood Carving/Sculpture

Riseling icon   

  Bob Riseling

                  ~Digital Abstract Photography

Hardesty icon   

  Steve Hardesty

                  ~Digital & Film Photography

Pearman icon   

   Keisha Pearman

                  ~Digital Photography

Orman icon   

   LaRysa Orman

                  ~Digital Photography

McMullen icon   

   Jim McMullen

                  ~Digital Photography

Page icon   

   Karen Page

                  ~Digital Photography

Schinaia icon   

  Leigh Schinaia

                  ~Digital & Film Photography

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